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Features of remote home monitoring: Ability to check your home security and other alarm systems. Arm and disarm your system.

Get smart about home security

Adjust your thermostats and lights. View security camera feeds. What you need to know Not all home security companies offer interactive services such as home automation or having the ability to arm and disarm your alarm remotely. ADT News and Tips. Home Security. View ADT news and tips home security. Safety Tips.

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A smart home security system is a set of internet-connected security gadgets, which typically include a combination of wireless security cameras , sirens, motion detectors, door locks, and sensors that detect when a door or window has been opened. The specific gadgets bundled together to make a security system vary between the different kits and brands, but most manufacturers offer a range of different kits, plus the option to buy additional compatible gadgets separately.

Using the app on your smartphone or tablet, you can monitor your home by receiving alerts, viewing photos or video footage taken by a security camera and, in some cases, control bits of your home such as lighting, heating or appliances. Many systems offer more than security. Samsung's SmartThings kit , meanwhile, is compatible with a moisture sensor that can alert you to floods or leaks — useful if you're prone to forgetting a running bath.

Depending on the kit you buy, you can also program your devices to respond in certain ways, such as setting a camera to record video or a smart plug to turn on a light when a door is opened. Monitoring the comings and goings of loved ones and pets is also possible, with small personal tags that attach to a key ring, wallet or collar. If you're looking for a monitoring system that's geared more towards looking after people rather than home security, it's also worth considering telecare and GPS tracking devices.

We asked a security expert to assess a selection of the latest smart home security systems and recommend what to look for when choosing one. Think about which components you need when you're picking which system is best for you. Find out more about what's available on our smart home security system components page.

Best Home Security Systems (12222)

The true cost will vary depending on the size of your home, so before you invest it's worth thinking about which extra components you'll need in your property and how much they cost. Smart home security systems can certainly play a part in home security, but when our security expert looked at five different models in action, he felt that the basic packages offered by Honeywell, Panasonic, Response, Samsung and Yale can be too simple to provide decent security for most properties.

If you want to take other practical steps to improve the security of your home, follow the tips in our guide on home security.

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  5. Self-installation is a big selling-point of smart home security systems, but unless you're a security expert it's easy to make a mistake and install an element such as a camera or motion sensor in the wrong place. Ensure you read instructions thoroughly, and also bear the following in mind. Both can help keep your home protected.

    Smartthings ADT Home Security - The Best Priced Smart Home Security System

    Smart home security systems can be self-installed, which can be a blessing and a curse: the good thing is that you don't have to worry about calling in a tradesperson to install it; the downside is that it's possible to install components where they aren't most useful. Traditional burglar alarms are manufactured to exacting security standards, and professional installation also eliminates the risk that your high-tech gear will miss an intruder altogether.

    Traditional systems aren't without their own downsides though. Systems that are monitored by a third party require subscription payments, or in a bells-only system you may have to rely on your neighbour to alert you if you're not at home when the alarm is sounding. A smart system would send an alert to your phone and let you check what's happening. If you feel a traditional burglar alarm is best for you, find out which are the best burglar alarm brands.

    The Best Home Security Systems

    How to buy the best smart home security system By Hollie Hennessy. Put us to the test Our Test Labs compare features and prices on a range of products. Sign up now or login. In this article: What is a smart home security system?

    3 Steps to Get a System

    How much do they cost? Features to look for Will they make your home safer? How are they installed? Should you buy one?