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The program sits in the system tray and watches a specified number of folders and pops up an alert when a recognized change is detected. Now anytime an EXE or DLL is added, renamed or modified in the monitored folders, a warning window will appear telling you what has cause the alert. The Move to Quarantine and SFC buttons in the window might be useful if you are watching for potentially malicious processes to be created, but unnecessary if the program is being used a simple file monitor.

Download Spy-The-Spy. SpyMe Tools is a bit of a dual role utility because it can also perform before and after snapshots to compare after monitoring software installs etc, and has also been mentioned in the Tracking Registry and Files Changes When Installing Software in Windows article.

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It does however, also has a real time function to monitor files and can also monitor a selected folder or a whole drive. The program can watch for file and folder actions including create, delete, rename, time stamp changes and optionally disable either file or folder monitoring. Simply select the drive s or specified folder, set a wildcard if needed to watch for certain types of file, and then switch to the View tab to start monitoring.

SpyMe Tools is a little on the old side dating back to but worked fine in Windows 7 and has both portable and setup installer versions available. Download SpyMe Tools. The free version of Disk Pulse has several restrictions compared to the paid versions on offer, such as no file types, rules, categories or filters and some logging functions etc. It is certainly competent enough though to do the basics of monitoring all types of files and folders for changes which are create, modify, rename and delete. The main window is split in two with the color coded logging at the top and 5 sets of category statistics at the bottom.


A nice feature is the Charts option which gives a nice bar or pie chart of the changes which can be printed out or copied to the clipboard. Disk Pulse works on Windows and above, bit or bit versions are selected via the drop down on the download screen. Download Disk Pulse. A couple of settings might need to be changed from default such as delete monitor is not enabled, the refresh interval which is set at 60 seconds and file types is only set to monitor WAV files.

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Set it to All file types or add in some more of your own. File Alert Monitor can also play a sound when an event occurs and log events to a file. Download File Alert Monitor.

What Customers Say

Regarding File Alert Monitor, I am not sure that qualifies as a free program because if you read the terms of service, it states you have license to use this software if you have purchased other software from the company. If you are a stickler for licensing, you may want to look at other products. It does work great though.

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Therefore, non license holders are not breaking the terms of the license. Yes, awesome review!

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  • Any idea of which programs are compatible with Apple? Are these kinds of collaborative monitoring processes supported by these programs? That is not all — PC Tattletale can also capture hidden info, like auto-completed passwords. In short, the software captures everything that is on the screen. All the activity reports and videos are available on a central dashboard.