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Phone monitoring software is designed for monitoring your children for their own protection and reassuring you that they are safe. The spy phone features of this handset will put you back in control.

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The spy software functionality is pre-installed and activation to suit your needs is a matter of send a couple of SMS messages, so getting started is very easy. The software application is hidden away within the operating system and therefore is totally covert and absolutely discreet in operation as well. Once activated the surveillance features can be remotely accessed and controlled by another mobile phone. Commands to control the powerful spy features are sent to the spy phone by SMS, so there is no requirement to have regular access to the handset and no need to register on an online monitoring platform.

Although an older phone, tis device is still popular due to its cost and simple operation that needs no internet access to achieve. If you need more features then it will be worth considering Android Spectre, a software only product for Android phones. Will the phone user be aware that the spy software is working away in the background? There are no indications on the phone that the software is secretly sending out information.

Key features

If the user analyses their bill then they would notice where duplicate SMS messages have been sent out or when SMS alerts are sent out to the predefined phone number. Although the software is an App.

And even more features

No, the software would be deleted during this process and would have to be re-installed. When duplicate messages are sent out, do these duplicate messages show up ijn the sent SMS folder? No, these messages move to a temporary file that is not accessible through the normal operating system, but even this temporary file is wiped as the message is sent.

If I have dialled into the Spy Phone using the phone as a room bug and the user makes a phone call, then what happens? The spy phone call will be disconnected and the user would be able to make their call in the normal manner. Although we cannot give any real assurance on this, there is no reason why this facility could not work on mobile phone networks that have call conferencing without the need to input a PIN to join the conference call. However, even if this is the case, the SIM in the spy phone must have call conferencing activated for it to work.

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Nokia 3310 Spy Phone

It also works on regular Nokia phones having Symbian operating system. Catch your spouse is cheating on you or not clears your doubt and safe yourself before being ditched.

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    Future proof technology. Remote activation and de-activation of Spy phone feature on SMS command. Remote activation and de-activation of text notifications on SMS command. Remote SMS command to reboot target phone. Remote SMS command to completely uninstall spy software.

    Nokia 3310 Spy Phone

    No logging of forwarded texts, No logging of pre-defined number. Completely hidden software. Easy to install. Also compatible with Samsung: i, i, i, i, i, L