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Cell phone privacy can be a problem, whether you are doing something suspicious or not. While it is true that cell technology is truly convenient, even the use of government phones may be vulnerable. Is the government tracking your cell phones? The very fact that every cell phone has a tracking mechanism is unsettling.

If the locating system is activated, anyone can track your movements, and know where you are and what you are doing.

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With the ruling, by the Federal Appeals Court states, the police now need a warrant, before having access to your personal cell phone information. The average person rarely may not understand that free phones, even government phones, utilize GPS applications, calendar functions, and even unencrypted e-mail messaging. These software elements happen to be some of the easiest for hackers to break into, and even simpler for government agencies to monitor.

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The idea of having your private phone accessed or monitored is something we should worry about, even when using these free government phones. There are those individuals who go as far as to claim that free cell phones from government organizations almost deliberately intend to act as tracking devices. Now, there are over 15 million Americans government phones.