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  • How to Read Android Text Messages on Computer?.
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Siri will then read the text back to you and ask if you're ready to send it. This will allow you more easily use your voice to compose longer messages, create create entire lists in Notes or Reminders, edit events in the Calendar app, and more. You can use Dication in most apps that have a keyboard.

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  • 1) ReadItToMe.
  • Top 5 Apps to Help You Read Text Message Hands-Free!
  • How to Read Android Text Messages on Computer?.
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Frustratingly, there is no voice command to delete mistakes. If you want to delete something you'll either have to start a whole new note or text or tap the screen to select the text you want to replace and then tap the microphone to dictate the corrections.

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These commands will help you go hands-free with your texts, notes, and more. She lives in an RV full-time with her mom, Jan and dog, Jodi as they slow-travel around the country. View the discussion thread. Skip to main content. Sign Up. Like 0.

How to Make Your Phone Read Everything On Screen Out Loud

I like the driving mode, it automatically turns on when you drive more then 15 mph not sure if you want to use this in the car or not. Like 1. There is a program called "voice talk powered by vlingo" that comes natively on the note that you can also put in driving mode that not only reads your texts to you but allows you to speak you reply and it converts to text hands free.

I use it every day and love how well it works. We have hands free laws here in the Northeast and this keeps your hands off the phone works great with Bluetooth! Voice Talk only reads the message header for me.

5 Best Text To Speech App For Note 9

Can it read the complete text? Originally Posted by S-Doo S-Doo likes this. Thanks for the responses guys. Getting the Vlingo Personal Assistant hoping it is what I am looking for. Really don't want tickets in VA Beach for texting while driving even though the damn cops do it daily.

Check out "speaktoit assistant " its a Siri type app and if you want her to read text, just tell her. Originally Posted by randall