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Microsoft, the handset manufacturers and the carriers all have to work together to devote significant resources to testing and validating the updates, ensuring that they can be deployed successfully, do not interfere with any proprietary software or customizations added by the handset manufacturer or the carrier or both , update reliably when tethered or on a 3G connection and so forth.

A failure at any point during this testing means they all have to work together to identify the root cause, create a fix and then verify the fix. If a failure occurs after testing and patch release, it could result in a customer with a bricked phone, which usually ends up causing costs to the mobile operator and device manufacturer, not to mention bad publicity. While desktop operating system and other smartphone users had their web browsers patched within a few days, the delays caused by having to verify the update lasted throughout spring and into summer of , causing Microsoft, handset manufacturers and carriers to deal with upset and angry customers.

These pages are no longer at Microsoft, but archived copies can be found here for the United States and here for the rest of the world. Microsoft took these lessons to heart, though, and the next major update for the Windows Phone operating system Version 7.

2. Airscanner Mobile AntiVirus 3.0

But Microsoft announced after the release of Mango that they would no longer be sharing detailed information about updates to Windows Phone. Windows Phone will continue to be updated by Microsoft, of course, but it now becomes the responsibility of phone owners to find out check the Windows Phone Update History web site and then ask their mobile operator or device manufacturer if or when they will receive an update.

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In the case of adding new features or functionality to Windows Phone, this might be okay; while it is always nice to have the shiniest toy, not having such features may result, at worst, in some slight loss of productivity. When it comes to fixing non-security-related bugs that affect the reliability and stability of Windows Phone, it becomes far more urgent.

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The next major update for Windows Phone is 7. It is, however, evolutionary and not revolutionary. However, Microsoft is keeping Windows Phone 8 tightly under wraps, and it is far easier to speculate about Windows Phone 8 than getting any factual information about it. If Windows Phone 8 is anything like its predecessors, it will grow the Windows Phone brand, and that means all sort of new apps and services will be available for it, both good and beneficial, and some which are more towards the malign end of the spectrum.

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How Microsoft will choose to address these disparate security issues while balancing the needs of handset manufacturers, mobile operators, developers and both consumers and enterprise users is going to be tricky. Microsoft had gotten off to a rough start with security patches for Windows Phone, but from everything I have seen they greatly improved their patching process—Android handset manufacturers could learn a lesson from Microsoft here. Available on Mobile device. Description Spy Tools, be a spy and unveil the secrets and mysteries of all that surrounds you.

Automatic App Updates on Windows Phone 8.1 Store

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